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SSCC webinar on Cyber Resilience
June 11th, 2024

Stability is at the core of the healthy development of society, whether it is cultural, economical, or related to the well-being of people. In order to reach stability, society should be resilient to incidents, interference, or attacks, let them be physical or cyber. Cyber resilience is characterized by the fact that it touches upon most of the aspects of our daily lives, while they can be easily attacked, using little budgets, from any place on the globe.

Whereas cyber security aims to protect systems from cyber attacks, the objective of cyber resilience is to prevent organizations and systems from being derailed even in cases where the security of critical elements have already been compromised. Cyber resilience thus combines business continuity, information security and organizational resilience. As a result of cyber resilience, organizations and their systems are supposed to provide their services, even in cases of challenging cyber events, natural disasters, or economic crises.

On the technical side cyber resilience involves, for example, zero-trust architectures that aim to minimize trust into technical components of the infrastructure. From the organisational point-of-view cyber resilience may include disaster exercise that aim to prepare the entire organisation from the technical experts up to the management for the worst.

The goal of this webinar is to shed light on cyber resilience related aspects from different view angles. We will see technical measures that aim to improve resilience of systems themselves to more organizational measures that have the goal to absorb the impact even if technical security measures have been successfully circumvented by attackers. Our speakers cover the federal, cantonal, communal, NGOs, and academic sectors:

Melanie Knieps: "CYREN
ZH - On engaging students and citizens in cyber resilience"
Melanie is a Senior Researcher at the
"Digital Society Initiative" and CYRENZH co-lead, University of Zurich.

Monica Ratte: "How can the NCSC help me increase my resilience?"
Monica works in the Swiss National Cyber Security Centre. Within NCSC she is the co-head of the Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT) that provides support to Swiss based organisations in case of cybersecurity related incidents.

Mathias Payer: "Why fuzz about security? How automated testing saves developer time and improves security"
Mathias is a security researcher and associate professor at the EPFL school of communication sciences, leading the HexHive group. His research focuses on protecting applications in the presence of vulnerabilities.

Nicolas Frey: "Small and Medium Organisations : paving the way for effective resilience"
Nicolas is the co-founder of Cyber-Safe, a Swiss auditing an labeling organisation active on the cantonal, communal and SME levels.

Fabien Leimgruber: "CyberPeace Builders: Partnering with Companies to Enhance Cyber Resilience in Nonprofits"
Fabien is a senior program manager at the CyberPeace Institute. He is active mainly in the sector of NGOs.

Date: Tuesday June 11th, from 13:00 until 15:00 (CET).

Place: Zoom (ID will be sent by e-mail after registration)

Registration: Free, open to the public. Register here.